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How to use black seed for weight loss ???

                blackseed, or black seed, technically known as nigella sativa, may boost your health, thanks to its antioxidant benefits. You need to consult a health care professional before trying this herb, however, because it can interact with medicines and other supplements, has possible blood-sugar lowering properties and may affect your liver and kidney function , So how to use black seed for weight loss??


    • Create an overall exercise and weight loss plan for yourself. black seed will only help you burn off an extra 50 to 80 calories a day, so you need to eat sensibly and exercise to actually get weight loss results.
    • Purchase bulk  from a specialty tea shop or a natural foods store to ensure that it is fresh. Fresh  retains more of its antioxidant properties and taste than does stale black seed, and bulk tea allows you to more easily brew the tea to your exact liking.

    • Eat some black seed in the morning. black seed contains caffeine, so it can replace your morning coffee, although it has only about half the caffeine as coffee.

    • Brew and ice black seed for a refreshing beverage to drink throughout the day, especially when you feel hungry. Often, it's easy to mistake a feeling of thirst for a feeling of hunger, andblack seed can satisfy your craving for a flavor as well as your craving for liquid.

    • Supplement your black seed weight loss program with black seed extract. Look for supplements that have a high level of the catechin called epogallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is thought to best promote weight loss.
 The best strategy when using black seed in a weight loss regimen would to consider using diet and exercise as a primary weight loss method and use black seed in its black seed oil form to supplement the diet and achieve further success by strengthening the immune system, lungs and facilitate digestion and metabolism. One teaspoon alone or with liquid is considered the common daily amount to be taken and may help jump start the metabolism because of its effects on internal organ and overall body health however it is not a weight loss supplement and has not been shown to substantially effect body weight or fat reduction by itself..



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